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We are a community-based service dedicated to providing patient advocacy services to patients and their families. We are “your family support” when you live far from your loved one and cannot be there to advocate for them, or you live alone.

We help patients and families navigate the complicated maze that is health care today. The process of Patient Advocacy is not straight forward. Each step in the advocacy process, has a defined purpose. However, the order of the processes is unique to each situation.

Our services are tailored to you and/or your loved one’s individual needs. Below are some of the categories of support and services we provide. Even if you don’t see your exact needs listed here, please contact us. Not only do we provide services, but we also belong to several National Patient Advocacy organizations, as well as a Florida Advocacy Network. We have the resources to help you or guide you to the appropriate expert to help you. In addition, we have the capabilities to provide services remotely, when possible.


Examples of how we help clients

Medical Guidance

Educate clients about new diagnosis & medical condition
Coordination and care oversight for families
Managing changes in health condition(s)
Serve as point of contact with medical staff

Decision Support

Discharge planning & transition of care
Occupational Therapy Home Safety Assessments
Selecting applicable specialists for client's plan of care
Coordinate transfers between facilities & providers
Research diagnoses and secure second opinions

Recovery & Wellness

Explore alternative treatments as indicated
Connect clients and families with additional resources
Encourage client participation with prescribed treatments
Manage client stress & grief following medical events

Care Giver Support

Enhance quality of life for clients & family
Schedule and attend medical appointments
Coordinate home care options based on client needs
Identify relevant education for client & family

Medical Billing Navigation

Auditing medical bills

Negotiating lower out of pocket expenses

Providing education on how to navigate the insurance and claims arena

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